Update on Ted Williams the Man with the Golden voice

Ted Williams - NBCNewYork

“A lot of homeless people, if they were like me… went to jail a lot. And there’s nothing worse than being incarcerated and not having socks, let alone being bothered by the elements, the cold weather and all. So I go out and I give packages of socks,” Williams said.


Cee Lo Green: Cleared of Assault Charges

1101-cee-lo-green-tmz-210x120The L.A. County D.A. will CLEAR CeeLo Green of charges he sexually assaulted a woman by allegedly slipping a drug in her drink … TMZ has learned.  CeeLo will, however, be charged with the felony of furnishing ecstasy … law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Happy Birthday to 7-11 get your free Slurpee

To celebrate 7-11’s 84th birthday they are giving away a free Slurpee in a 7.11 oz cup to 5 million people in the USA and Canada today.  The first 7-11 opened in Dallas, Texas in 1927 on July 11.

Warning!  Just be careful of brain freeze (sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia).  The other day I was drinking one of those strawberry / mango drinks at Taco Bell and got brain freeze and seriously thought I was going to die.  Please drink you Slurpee slow to avoid brain freeze.

Sea of Love with Al Pacino, Ellen Barkin and John Goodman

Tonight I was over at Facebook and a friend posted the song “Sea of Love” so I made a comment that it was also a great movie.  That inspired me to want to post a few videos of the movie and I’m doing that here.  The first one below is from the trailer from Universal Studios….gives you a taste of what the movie is about.  It’s a great movie and this is a powerful trailer of the 1989 movie!

One of the best scenes and Pacino at his yelling best!  LOL  Love it!

Okay….can’t give the movie away….there are so many great scenes so here is the last one in this preview and review….one of the BEST Al Pacino movies and I LOVE Ellen Barkin in this movie!….it’s her best that I know of!

Sea of Love is rated – R- Restricted – Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian


Homeless To Hollywood To Rehab

Apparently Ted has been speaking faith that he quit drinking two years ago….but the truth is apparently he has been drinking every day.  Okay….well…I will continue to believe for him and pray for his success.  In the meantime Ted is going to rehab.  Read more about it here  on USA Today.

Please join with me to pray for all homeless, hurting and starving in our country and around the world.  And we NEVER want to forget our brave troops, all coalition forces fighting in the war against terrorism and the MANY Veterans that are homeless and hurting also.  God bless you all!

A Snag and a Scratch

Something happened last night I guess, a snag and a scratch.  Just saw the headlines and TV shows on it.  Oh my.  There’s some work in front of Ted..inside and out.  I will continue to pray.  Read about it here —> ETonline <—-Read

Homeless To Hollywood The Continuing Story

Homeless to Hollywood! Homeless Ted Williams with a golden voice goes to Hollywood for the first time.  He meets with Entertainment tonight, rides in a limo, gets to see the “Hollywood” sign and meets with Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil has some tough but caring words for Ted telling him this is a “dangerous time”, but offers some caring help.  Read the story here at—> ETonline “Ted is quick to agree. “90 meetings in 90 days I can do,” he says. He also praises the talk show host, adding, “Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m getting on my knees tonight and I’m going to say ‘Lord, thank you for everything that I’ve been through, but most important thank you for connecting me with someone who can truly help me.’ Thank you.” ETonline <–Read

I’m going to pray for Ted that this works with all of God’s help.  And I am praying for all the homeless.

Ted’s Ex

For whatever reason, Ted was not there. It’s not the childhood dream of a little girl, young woman to end up being a single mom.  I don’t know the reason Patricia Kirtley, Ted’s ex ended up being a single mom but it’s a difficult thing being in that position.  I heard her say she is very happy for Ted.  She has a good heart.  When you fall in love with someone and have their children and something bad happens in the marriage that ends both people being single and children having to be raised by a single mom or single dad you just don’t wish awful things on your ex, at least many don’t.  Patricia didn’t seem to.  I hope Ted makes it real good and makes up for some lost time to his children and his ex in whatever way he can including blessing them financially.  I hope the best for all of them.  Here is a story on Patricia at—> NYDailyNews.com

Homeless Man with Golden Voice and Many Faces

Update…or Just Another Take on……..To be fair I just ran into this story over here at ——>  Smoking Gun on “Homeless Man with a Golden Voice”.  We heard about his past including drugs, alcohol and convicted felon.  Well…hope it all turns out for everybody’s good!  God can take someone ….sinners……and turn things around.  After all we are all sinners and some of us are saved by His Amazing Grace!  I hope and pray the best for Ted Williams and his mother and children, ex-wife.

Ted Williams! A Story of Hope, Faith and a Momma’s Answered Prayer!

Ted William’s mom gives him some advice and Ted realizes how important it is to give Glory to God!  Ted is now the spokesman for Kraft Mac n’ Cheese, has been offered a job with the NBA team Cleveland Cavaliers and there’s something about a home. MTV has contacted him also.

Ted has nine children and his ex-wife supports all the good stuff happening in his life….all Glory to God in the Highest!    And there is more here on Daytime Yahoo TV and Fox News Sports and Fox News 8 Cleveland. This is indeed a story of hope, faith, love and the ability of God’s might Grace and answer to him Momma’s prayers!  Check it out  and then EXPRESS YOURSELF by leaving your comments below!